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Hilltop Sea Green 
Gray-Green when extracted from the quarry, a percentage of this slate will gradually weather to rich tones of buffs and tans.

Hilltop Gray Black
This semi-weathering Vermont gray-black slate will weather in part to tones of buff and brown upon exposure to the elements.


Hilltop Vermont Black
A textured semi-weathering black slate with light and dark shades. Some weathering to tones of buff will occur when exposed to the elements.


Hilltop Semi-Weathering Gray
Clear gray or gray with small black markings when extracted from the quarry, a percentage of these slates may weather to tones of buff and brown.


Hilltop Semi-Weathering Purple
A semi-weathering purple slate with some markings of green. A small percentage of some weathering to buff and brown may occur.

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 10.55.06

Hilltop Unfading Green
An unfading slate with a deep, rich lawn green color. A captivating beauty often used in combination with purple and other complimentary colors.


Hilltop Unfading Gray
This medium textured, battleship gray slate has small black or darker gray markings. The original color will hold when exposed to the elements.


Hilltop Mottled Purple
An attractive unfading slate with a natural blend of soft shades of purples and greens. Creates an exceptional roof which hold its color.


Hilltop Unfading Purple
A majestic unfading deep purple slate with occasional inclusions of green. Commonly used in combination with unfading green.

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 10.53.19

Hilltop Truthville Red
An unfading brilliant red slate with a truly unique gemstone appearance. The bright red color stays consistent, even over extended time and exposure.

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 10.52.14

Spanish Black

Rich in color with a smooth uniform texture that makes it suitable for both formal and traditional architectures.

Providing roofing supplies for projects throughout the world.
Organic natural material extracted from one of the worlds finest deposit.
As a building product hilltop slate satisfies a host of external applications in roofing. A large variety of color, size and thickness can be used to create a pattern or subtle contrast in design.
Wether its for a simple project to a multi-stage assignment we can supply you with quality slate.
The association, which started in 1922 and was reformed in 2002, spans quarriers, contractors,
architects, consultants, and distributors with a connection to natural slate. Primary goals of the association are to keep members updated with slate relevant information, give access to the most
experienced resources the industry offers, and to promote the education of slate to future generations.
If you’re looking to prosper in the slate industry, this association is your key.
                                                                          Which is why we are proud to say
                                                                                                  we are members of this outstanding association!


Producers of Natural Slate since 1948

Semi Weathering Gray Green

18 x Randoms

Finished with Copper

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